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Gateway PTA Balloon Catheter(PTA球囊导管)

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Brand Boston
Manufacturer Boston Scientific Corporation波士顿科学公司
Production Address Two Scimed Place, Maple Grove, MN 55311, USA
Intended Use This product is suitable for balloon dilation treatment of stenosis in intracranial arteries in order to improve intracranial blood supply.该产品适用于对颅内动脉血管狭窄部位进行球囊扩张处理,以便改善颅内供血。
References M0032072409200,M0032072415200………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20193032148


The product is a coaxial catheter operated along a guidewire, with a balloon near the distal end of the catheter. The outer lumen of the catheter is used to inflate the balloon, while the guidewire lumen is used to deliver the catheter to and through the narrowed area that needs to be dilated. The outer layer of the catheter is coated with BIOSLIDE hydrophilic coating. Ethylene oxide sterilization, for single use. Shelf life is three years.


Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
M00320724091500871472975410703-13-06GATEWAY OTW 1.5MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724092000871472975411403-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.0MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724092200871472975412103-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.25MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724092500871472975413803-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.5MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724092700871472972092803-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.75MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724093000871472975414503-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.0MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724093200871472975415203-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.25MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724093500871472975416903-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.5MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724093700871472975417603-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.75MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724094000871472975418303-13-06GATEWAY OTW 4.0MM X 9MM - CE
M00320724151500871472975419003-13-06GATEWAY OTW 1.5MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724152000871472975420603-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.0MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724152200871472975421303-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.25MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724152500871472975422003-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.5MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724152700871472975423703-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.75MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724153000871472975424403-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.0MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724153200871472975425103-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.25MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724153500871472975426803-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.5MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724153700871472975427503-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.75MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724154000871472975428203-13-06GATEWAY OTW 4.0MM X 15MM - CE
M00320724201500871472975429903-13-06GATEWAY OTW 1.5MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724202000871472975430503-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.0MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724202200871472975431203-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.25MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724202500871472975432903-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.5MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724202700871472975433603-13-06GATEWAY OTW 2.75MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724203000871472975434303-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.0MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724203200871472975435003-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.25MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724203500871472975436703-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.5MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724203700871472975437403-13-06GATEWAY OTW 3.75MM X 20MM - CE
M00320724204000871472975438103-13-06GATEWAY OTW 4.0MM X 20MM - CE
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

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