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PT2 Moderate Support Guidewire导丝

Manufacturer Boston Scientific Corporation波士顿科学公司
Production Address 302 Parkway, Global Park, La Aurora Heredia, Costa Rica
Intended Use This product is used to facilitate the placement of balloon dilatation catheters or other interventional treatment devices during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and/or percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA).该产品用于在经皮经腔冠状动脉成形术(PTCA)和/或经皮腔内动脉成形术(PTA)期间方便球囊扩张导管或其他介入治疗器械的放置操作。
References H74938931032 ………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20163030483


PT2 guide wires are available in both straight tip and “J” tip styles for all models. Depending on the support characteristics of the tip, they are further divided into medium support tip and slight support tip. This product features a tungsten polyurethane sheath (coated with ICE hydrophilic coating) that is sleeved over the distal core wire made of nickel-titanium alloy. The proximal core wire is coated with PTFE and made of 304V stainless steel. The connecting tube is made of INCONEL625 chromium-nickel-iron alloy. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and is for single-use only.


Products List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
H749389310100871472947110303-13-16PT2 Light Support 185cm Straight
H7493893101J00871472947112703-13-16PT2 Light Support 185cm J-Tip
H749389310200871472947114103-13-16PT2 Light Support 300cm Straight
H7493893102J00871472947116503-13-16PT2 Light Support 300cm J-Tip
H749389310300871472947118903-13-16PT2 Moderate Support 185cm STR
H7493893103J00871472947120203-13-16PT2 Moderate Support 185cm J-Tip
H749389310400871472947122603-13-16PT2 Moderate Support 300cm STR
H7493893104J00871472947124003-13-16PT2 Moderate Support 300cm J-Tip
H74939422300100871472997881703-13-16SAVION FLX 0.014in x 300cm Straight Tip
H749394223001J00871472997882403-13-16SAVION FLX 0.014in x 300cm Angled Tip
H74939423185100871472997883103-13-16SAVION FLX 0.014in x 185cm Straight Tip
H749394231851J00871472997884803-13-16SAVION FLX 0.014in x 185cm Angled Tip
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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