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RESTORE DEB Paclitaxel Releasing PTCA Balloon Catheter紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管

Manufacturer CARDIONOVUM GmbH德国凯德诺有限责任公司
Production Address Am Bonner Bogen2,53227 Bonn,Germany
Intended Use This product is used for the treatment of in-stent restenosis in the coronary artery. It is also used for the treatment of primary coronary artery lesions with a vessel diameter ≥2.25mm and ≤2.75mm. The 2.0mm balloon diameter product can be used for the treatment of primary coronary artery lesions with a vessel diameter ≥2.00mm and <2.25mm.该产品用于冠状动脉支架内再狭窄病变治疗;用于血管直径≥2.25mm且≤2.75mm的原发冠状动脉血管病变治疗;球囊直径2.0mm产品可用于血管直径≥2.00mm且<2.25mm的原发冠状动脉血管病变治疗。
References R2.00-15,R2.00-20,R2.50-20,R2.25-25 ………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20193030495


The product is made of an Rx type balloon dilation catheter coated with a drug coating. The drug coating consists of paclitaxel and paclitaxel hydrochloride. The paclitaxel dosage density is 3.0μg/mm2. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and is for single-use only. The shelf life of the product is two years.


Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
R 2.00-150590619015601303-13-06R 2.00-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.00-200590619015602003-13-06R 2.00-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.00-250590619015603703-13-06R 2.00-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.00-300590619015604403-13-06R 2.00-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.25-150590619015605103-13-06R 2.25-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.25-200590619015606803-13-06R 2.25-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.25-250590619015607503-13-06R 2.25-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.25-300590619015608203-13-06R 2.25-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.50-150590619015609903-13-06R 2.50-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.50-200590619015610503-13-06R 2.50-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.50-250590619015611203-13-06R 2.50-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.50-300590619015612903-13-06R 2.50-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.75-150590619015613603-13-06R 2.75-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.75-200590619015614303-13-06R 2.75-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.75-250590619015615003-13-06R 2.75-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 2.75-300590619015616703-13-06R 2.75-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.00-150590619015617403-13-06R 3.00-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.00-200590619015618103-13-06R 3.00-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.00-250590619015619803-13-06R 3.00-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.00-300590619015620403-13-06R 3.00-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.50-150590619015621103-13-06R 3.50-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.50-200590619015622803-13-06R 3.50-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.50-250590619015623503-13-06R 3.50-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 3.50-300590619015624203-13-06R 3.50-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 4.00-150590619015625903-13-06R 4.00-15紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 4.00-200590619015626603-13-06R 4.00-20紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 4.00-250590619015627303-13-06R 4.00-25紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
R 4.00-300590619015628003-13-06R 4.00-30紫杉醇释放冠脉球囊扩张导管
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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