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Runthrough™ NS PTCA Guide Wire导丝

Brand Terumo(泰尔茂)
Manufacturer TERUMO CORPORATION (テルモ株式会社)泰尔茂株式会社
Production Address 泰尔茂株式会社爱鹰工厂 静冈县富士宫市舞舞木町150号テルモ株式会社愛鷹工場 静岡県富士宮市舞々木町150
Intended Use This product is used for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA).该产品用于经皮冠状动脉成形术(PTCA术)。
References TW-AS418FA、TW-AS418FAZ、TW-AS418XA、TW-AS418XAZ ………
Manufacturer’s Website™-ns-ptca-guide-wire
Product Brochure
Registration Certificate 国械注进20173030337


The product consists of a guidewire and a shaping needle. The guidewire is composed of a tapered core wire and a coiled wire. The tip of the guidewire (2mm) is coated with silicone oil. It is sterilized with ethylene oxide and is for single-use only. The shelf life is 36 months.


Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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