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Surpass Evolve Flow Diverter System血流导向密网支架

Brand Stryker(史赛克)
Manufacturer Stryker Neurovascular史赛克神经介入
Production Address Business and Technology Park Model Farm Road Cork, Ireland
Intended Use This product is suitable for patients with unruptured large-sized (≥10mm) saccular or fusiform wide-necked intracranial aneurysms, where the target lesion vessels are the intracranial segment of the internal carotid artery or above. The target vessel diameter should be ≥2.5mm and ≤5.0mm. The product is intended for patients aged 18 and above.该产品适用于18岁及以上靶病变血管为颈内动脉岩骨段及以上血管的动脉瘤患者,动脉瘤为未破裂大型(≥10mm)囊性或梭形的宽颈动脉瘤(瘤颈≥4mm或瘤体/瘤颈比<2),靶病变血管直径为≥2.5mm且≤5.0mm。
References FD40015 ………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20223130503


The product consists of a self-expanding braided stent preloaded on a delivery wire, a guiding sheath, and torque device accessories. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and is for single-use only. The product shelf life is 3 years.


Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
FD250120761332737491913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 12MM
FD250130761332738685113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 13MM
FD250140761332738681313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 14MM
FD250150761332737492613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 15MM
FD250160761332738687513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 16MM
FD250170761332738682013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 17MM
FD250180761332738679013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 18MM
FD250190761332738693613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 19MM
FD250200761332737493313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 2.5 X 20MM
FD325120761332738680613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 12MM
FD325130761332738683713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 13MM
FD325140761332738684413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 14MM
FD325150761332737494013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 15MM
FD325160761332738694313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 16MM
FD325170761332738689913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 17MM
FD325180761332738688213-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 18MM
FD325190761332738696713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 19MM
FD325200761332737495713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 20MM
FD325210761332738686813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 21MM
FD325220761332738690513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 22MM
FD325250761332737496413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 25MM
FD325300761332737497113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 3.25 X 30MM
FD400120761332738695013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 12MM
FD400130761332738692913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 13MM
FD400140761332738691213-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 14MM
FD400150761332737498813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 15MM
FD400160761332738697413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 16MM
FD400170761332738701813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 17MM
FD400180761332738698113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 18MM
FD400190761332738706313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 19MM
FD400200761332737499513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 20MM
FD400210761332738699813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 21MM
FD400220761332738704913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 22MM
FD400250761332737500813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 25MM
FD400300761332737501513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 30MM
FD400400761332737502213-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.0 X 40MM
FD450120761332738705613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 12MM
FD450130761332738700113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 13MM
FD450140761332738717913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 14MM
FD450150761332737503913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 15MM
FD450160761332738702513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 16MM
FD450170761332738712413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 17MM
FD450180761332738703213-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 18MM
FD450190761332738709413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 19MM
FD450200761332737504613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 20MM
FD450210761332738707013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 21MM
FD450220761332738708713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 22MM
FD450250761332737505313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 25MM
FD450300761332737506013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 30MM
FD450400761332737507713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 4.5 X 40MM
FD500120761332738710013-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 12MM
FD500130761332738716213-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 13MM
FD500140761332738711713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 14MM
FD500150761332738718613-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 15MM
FD500160761332738714813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 16MM
FD500170761332738715513-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 17MM
FD500180761332738713113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 18MM
FD500190761332738719313-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 19MM
FD500200761332737508413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 20MM
FD500210761332738720913-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 21MM
FD500220761332738727813-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 22MM
FD500250761332737509113-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 25MM
FD500300761332737510713-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 30MM
FD500400761332737511413-06-11SURPASS EVOLVE FD 5.0 X 40MM
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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