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Fibered Platinum Coil带纤维铂金弹簧圈

Brand Boston(波士顿)
Manufacturer Boston Scientific Corporation波士顿科学公司
Production Address Business & Technology Park,Model Farm Road,Cork,Ireland
Intended Use This product is used for the arterial or venous embolization treatment of the peripheral vascular system.该产品由铂钨合金弹簧圈和合成纤维(Dacron)构成。弹簧圈随附有一个导引器和一个固定夹。在运输和贮存时,固定夹用来固定导引器的两端。弹簧圈推杆用来将弹簧圈推出导引器,送入微导管。环氧乙烷灭菌,产品一次性使用。货架有效期三年。
References M0013812030, M0013120550 ………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20173131803


The product consists of a platinum tungsten alloy spring coil and synthetic fiber (Dacron). The spring coil is accompanied by a guidewire and a fixation clamp. During transportation and storage, the fixation clamp is used to secure the ends of the guidewire. The spring coil pusher is used to push the spring coil out of the guidewire and into the microcatheter. Ethylene oxide sterilization, for single-use only. The shelf life is three years.


Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
M00131200200871472932403413-07-08Straight-18 2mm (BX/1)
M00131200500871472932404113-07-08Straight-18 5mm (BX/1)
M00131202100871472920116813-07-08Figure 8-18 2mm/5mm (BX/1)
M00131202200871472932405813-07-08Complex Helical-18 4mm/4mm (BX/1)
M00131203300871472920117513-07-08Complex Helical-18 6mm/6mm (BX/1)
M00131204300871472920212713-07-08Multi-Loop-18 4mm/7mm (BX/1)
M00131204400871472919558013-07-08Complex Helical-18 7mm/10mm (BX/1)
M00131205500871472932407213-07-08Complex Helical-18 8mm/12mm (BX/1)
M00131206600871472932408913-07-08Complex Helical-18 10mm/14mm (BX/1)
M00131207700871472932409613-07-08Complex Helical-18 11mm/17mm (BX/1)
M00138120300871472932484313-07-08VortX™-18 3mm/2.5mm
M00138120400871472932485013-07-08VortX™-18 4mm/4mm
M00138120500871472932486713-07-08VortX™-18 5mm/5.5mm (BX/1)
M00138120600871472920119913-07-08VortX™-18 6mm/6.5mm
M00138220300871472932487413-07-08VortX™ Diamond-18 3mm/3.3mm
M00138220400871472932488113-07-08VortX™ Diamond-18 4mm/3.7mm
M00138220500871472932489813-07-08VortX™ Diamond-18 5mm/5.5mm
M00138220600871472920120513-07-08VortX™ Diamond-18 6mm/6.7mm
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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