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Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System可解脱带纤维毛弹簧圈栓塞系统

Brand Boston(波士顿)
Manufacturer Boston Scientific Corporation波士顿科学公司
Production Address Business and Technology Park, Model Farm Road, Cork, Ireland
Intended Use This product is an improved separable interlocking spring coil used to block or slow down the blood flow velocity in the peripheral vascular system. Not suitable for neurovascular use.该产品是用来阻塞或减缓外周血管系统血流速度的改良型可分离式互锁弹簧圈。不适用于神经血管。
References M001361550, M00131560 ………
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Registration Certificate 国械注进20173131517


The product consists of a spring coil made of platinum-tungsten alloy, mechanically connected to a delivery wire of the spring coil through interlocking arms. This combination device is contained within an introducer sheath. The spring coil contains polyester fibers, and the interlocking arm material is platinum-iridium alloy. The delivery wire is made of materials such as 304 stainless steel, platinum-tungsten alloy, and polytetrafluoroethylene. The introducer sheath material is polypropylene H00G-00. Ethylene oxide sterilization, for single-use only. The shelf life of the product is three years.

该产品包括一个弹簧圈(由铂-钨合金制成),并以机械方式(互锁臂)连接到一根弹簧圈输送金属丝上。这一组合装置包含在一个导入护套内。弹簧圈中含有聚酯纤维,互锁臂材料为铂铱合金。输送金属丝由304不锈钢、铂钨合金、聚四氟乙烯等材料制成。导入护套材料为聚丙烯 H00G-00。环氧乙烷灭菌,产品一次性使用。货架有效期三年。

Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
M0013614800871472984526313-07-08F-IDC 2D 2MM X 4CM
M0013614900871472984527013-07-08F-IDC 2D 2MM X 6CM
M0013615000871472976493913-07-08F-IDC 2D 3MM X 6CM
M0013615100871472976494613-07-08F-IDC 2D 3MM X 12CM
M0013615200871472976495313-07-08F-IDC 2D 4MM X 8CM
M0013615300871472976496013-07-08F-IDC 2D 4MM X 15CM
M0013615400871472976497713-07-08F-IDC 2D 5MM X 8CM
M0013615500871472976498413-07-08F-IDC 2D 5MM X 15CM
M0013615600871472976499113-07-08F-IDC 2D 6MM X 10CM
M0013615700871472976500413-07-08F-IDC 2D 6MM X 20CM
M0013615800871472976501113-07-08F-IDC 2D 8MM X 20CM
M0013615900871472976502813-07-08F-IDC 2D 10MM X 20CM
M0013616000871472976503513-07-08F-IDC 2D 10MM X 30CM
M0013616100871472976504213-07-08F-IDC 2D 12MM X 20CM
M0013616200871472976505913-07-08F-IDC 2D 12MM X 30CM
M0013616300871472976506613-07-08F-IDC 2D 14MM X 20CM
M0013616400871472976507313-07-08F-IDC 2D 14MM X 30CM
M0013617400871472976508013-07-08F-IDC VORTX DIAMOND 2/3MM X 2.3CM
M0013617500871472976509713-07-08F-IDC VORTX DIAMOND 2/4MM X 4.1CM
M0013617600871472976510313-07-08F-IDC VORTX DIAMOND 2/5MM X 5.8CM
M0013617700871472976511013-07-08F-IDC VORTX DIAMOND 2/6MM X 8CM
M0013619200871472984528713-07-08F-IDC 2D 10MM X 50CM
M0013619300871472984529413-07-08F-IDC 2D 14MM X 50CM
M0013619400871472984530013-07-08F-IDC 2D 18MM X 50CM
M0013619500871472984531713-07-08F-IDC 2D 20MM X 50CM
M0013619600871472984532413-07-08F-IDC 2D 22MM X 60CM
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态



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