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Target Detachable Coils可解脱弹簧圈

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Brand Stryker(史赛克)
Manufacturer Stryker Neurovascular史赛克神经介入
Production Address Stryker Neurovascular Business & Technology Park, Model Farm Rd, Cork, Ireland
Intended Use This product aims to improve blood flow in vascular abnormalities that cause blockage or occlusion of blood vessels within the nerves and peripheral blood vessels.该产品旨在血管内阻塞或堵塞神经血管和外围血管的血管异常中的血流。
References 542154, 542153, 542204 ………
Manufacturer’s Website–360-detachable-coils.html
Product Brochure
Registration Certificate 国械注进20163135087


The product is divided into four types based on different levels of hardness: Target 360 Standard Coil, Target 360 Soft Coil, Target 360 Super Coil, and Target Helical Super Coil. Each type of Target coil consists of a platinum tungsten alloy coil connected to a stainless steel delivery wire. The main coil of Target 360 Standard Coil, Target 360 Soft Coil, and Target 360 Super Coil has a smaller terminal loop at the end for coil placement. The diameter of the terminal loop is 75% of the remaining main coil diameter. The main spring consists of a spring coil, etching link, adhesive, anti-unraveling wire, and core wire. It is sterilized with ethylene oxide and intended for single-use. The product has a shelf life of 3 years.

该产品按照硬度不同分为四种类型:Target 360 标准线圈、Target 360柔性线圈、Target360 超级线圈及Target螺旋超级线圈。每个Target 线圈类型包括一个连接到不锈钢递送丝上的铂钨合金线圈。Target 360 标准线圈、Target 360柔性线圈以及Target360超级线圈的主线圈末端有一个更小的末端环,以便放置线圈。末端环的直径是其余主线圈直径的75%。主弹簧圈由弹簧圈、蚀刻链、粘合剂、抗解旋线、芯丝构成。环氧乙烷灭菌,一次性使用。有效期3年。

Prodcuts List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
M00354210200454654069796713-06-08TARGET 360 NANO 1MM X 2CM
M00354210300454654069797413-06-08TARGET 360 NANO 1MM X 3CM
M00354215200454654069798113-06-08TARGET 360 NANO 1.5MM X 2CM
M00354215300454654069794313-06-08TARGET 360 NANO 1.5MM X 3CM
M00354215400454654069799813-06-08TARGET 360 NANO 1.5MM X 4CM
M00354220300454654067583513-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 2MM X 3CM
M00354220400454654067584213-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 2MM X 4CM
M00354220600761325223934513-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 2MM X 6CM
M00354225400454654067586613-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 2.5MM X 4CM
M00354230400454654067587313-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 3MM X 4CM
M00354230600454654067588013-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 3MM X 6CM
M00354230800454654067589713-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 3MM X 8CM
M00354231000454654067590313-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 3MM X 10CM
M00354240600454654067591013-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 4MM X 6CM
M00354240800454654067592713-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 4MM X 8CM
M00354241000761325219233613-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 4MM X 10CM
M00354241500454654067594113-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 4MM X 15CM
M00354251000454654067595813-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 5MM X 10CM
M00354251500454654067596513-06-08TARGET 360 ULTRA 5MM X 15CM
M00354310100454654070021613-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1MM X 1CM
M00354310200454654069800113-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1MM X 2CM
M00354310300454654069801813-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1MM X 3CM
M00354315100454654069802513-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1.5MM X 1CM
M00354315200454654069803213-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1.5MM X 2CM
M00354315300454654069804913-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1.5MM X 3CM
M00354315400454654069805613-06-08TARGET HELICAL NANO 1.5MM X 4CM
M00354320100454654067597213-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 1CM
M00354320200454654067598913-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 2CM
M00354320300454654067599613-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 3CM
M00354320400454654067600913-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 4CM
M00354320600454654067601613-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 6CM
M00354320800454654067602313-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2MM X 8CM
M00354325300454654067603013-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2.5MM X 3CM
M00354325400454654067604713-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2.5MM X 4CM
M00354325600454654067605413-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 2.5MM X 6CM
M00354330400454654067606113-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 3MM X 4CM
M00354330600454654067607813-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 3MM X 6CM
M00354330800454654067608513-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 3MM X 8CM
M00354331000454654067609213-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 3MM X 10CM
M00354340600454654067610813-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 4MM X 6CM
M00354340800454654067611513-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 4MM X 8CM
M00354341500454654067612213-06-08TARGET HELICAL ULTRA 4MM X 15CM
M00354610300454654067613913-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 10MM X 30CM
M00354611300761325219249713-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 11MM X 30CM
M00354612300761325219250313-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 12MM X 30CM
M00354613300761325219251013-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 13MM X 30CM
M00354614300761325219252713-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 14MM X 30CM
M00354615400761325219253413-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 15 MM X 40CM
M00354630600761325219254113-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 3MM X 6CM
M00354630800761325219255813-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 3MM X 8CM
M00354640800454654067621413-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 4MM X 8CM
M00354641000454654067622113-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 4MM X 10CM
M00354641500761325223941313-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 4MM X 15CM
M00354651500454654067624513-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 5MM X 15CM
M00354652000761325223942013-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 5MM X 20CM
M00354661500454654067626913-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 6MM X 15CM
M00354662000454654067627613-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 6MM X 20CM
M00354663000761325223944413-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 6MM X 30CM
M00354671500761325219260213-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 7MM X 15CM
M00354672000454654067630613-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 7MM X 20CM
M00354673000454654067631313-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 7MM X 30CM
M00354682000454654067632013-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 8MM X 20CM
M00354683000454654067633713-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 8MM X 30CM
M00354692000761325219263313-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 9MM X 20CM
M00354693000454654067635113-06-08TARGET 360 STANDARD 9MM X 30CM
M00354710300761325219264013-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 10MM X 30CM
M00354711300761325219266413-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 11MM X 30CM
M00354712300761325219267113-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 12MM X 30CM
M00354713300761325219268813-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 13MM X 30CM
M00354714300761325219269513-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 14MM X 30CM
M00354720400761325219270113-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 2MM X 4CM
M00354730600454654067642913-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 3MM X 6CM
M00354730800454654067643613-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 3MM X 8CM
M00354731000761325223947513-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 3MM X 10CM
M00354740600454654067645013-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 4MM X 6CM
M00354740800454654067646713-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 4MM X 8CM
M00354741000761325219275613-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 4MM X 10CM
M00354741500454654067648113-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 4MM X 15CM
M00354751000454654067649813-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 5 MM X 10 CM
M00354751500454654067650413-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 5MM X 15CM
M00354752000454654067651113-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 5MM X 20CM
M00354761000454654067652813-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 6MM X 10CM
M00354761500454654067653513-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 6MM X 15CM
M00354762000454654067654213-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 6MM X 20CM
M00354763000454654067655913-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 6MM X 30CM
M00354771500454654067656613-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 7MM X 15CM
M00354772000454654067657313-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 7MM X 20CM
M00354773000454654067658013-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 7MM X 30CM
M00354782000454654067659713-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 8MM X 20CM
M00354783000454654067660313-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 8MM X 30CM
M00354792000454654067661013-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 9MM X 20CM
M00354793000454654067662713-06-08TARGET 360 SOFT 9MM X 30CM
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态


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