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Target XL Detachable Coils可解脱弹簧圈

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Brand Stryker(史赛克)
Manufacturer Stryker Neurovascular史赛克神经介入
Production Address Business & Technology Park, Model Farm Road, Cork, Ireland
Intended Use This product aims to restore blood flow in vascular abnormalities that block or occlude intracranial and peripheral blood vessels.该产品旨在血管内阻塞或堵塞神经血管和外围血管的血管异常中的血流。
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Manufacturer’s Website–detachable-coils.html
Product Brochure
Registration Certificate 国械注进20183130411


The product is an electrolytic detaching coil, which is classified into Target 360 Standard coil, Target 360 Soft coil, Target XXL 360 Super coil, and Target XL Helical Standard and Target XL Helical coils based on different hardness levels. Each type of Target coil consists of a platinum-tungsten alloy coil connected to a stainless steel delivery wire. The main coil of Target 360 Standard coil, Target 360 Soft coil, and Target 360 Super coil has a smaller distal loop at the end for easier placement. The diameter of the distal loop is 75% of the diameter of the remaining main coil loops. The main coil consists of a coil, etching link, adhesive, tensile-resistant wire, and core wire. This product is sterilized with ethylene oxide, for single-use only, and has a shelf life of 3 years.

该产品为电解脱弹簧圈,按照硬度不同分为Target 360标准线圈(Target XL 360 Standard)、Target 360软性线圈(Target XL 360 Soft )、Target 360超级线圈(Target XXL 360)以及 Target 螺旋超级线圈(Target XL Helical Standard和Target XL Helical)。每个 Target 线圈类型包括一个连接到不锈钢递送丝上的铂-钨合金线圈。Target 360 标准线圈、Target 360 软性线圈、Target 360 超级线圈的主线圈末端有一个更小的末梢环,以便于放置线圈。末梢环的直径是其余主线圈环直径的75%。主弹簧圈由弹簧圈、蚀刻链、粘合剂、抗拉伸线、芯丝构成。该产品采用环氧乙烷灭菌,一次性使用,货架有效期为3年。

Product List

REFGTINClassification CodeDescription
6101040454654071127413-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 10MM X 40CM
6101240454654071128113-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 12MM X 45CM
6101450454654071129813-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 14MM X 50CM
6101650454654071130413-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 16MM X 50CM
6101850761332700472413-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 18MM X 50CM
6102050761332700473113-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 20MM X 50CM
6102250761332700474813-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 22MM X 50CM
6102450761332700475513-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 24MM X 50CM
6106200761332700477913-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 6MM X 20CM
6107200761332700476213-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 7MM X 20CM
6108300761332700478613-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 8MM X 30CM
6109300761332700479313-06-08TARGET XL 360 STANDARD 9MM X 30CM
6111040761332700453313-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 10MM X 40CM
6111250454654071140313-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 12MM X 50CM
6111450454654071141013-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 14X50CM
6111650454654071142713-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 16X50CM
6111850761332700480913-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 18X50CM
6112050761332700454013-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 20X50CM
6112250761332700455713-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 22X50CM
6112450761332700456413-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 24MM X 50CM
6115150761332700457113-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 5MM X 15CM
6116200761332700458813-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 6MM X 20CM
6117200454654071149613-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 7MM X 20CM
6118300761332700459513-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 8MM X 30CM
6119300454654071151913-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL 9MM X 30CM
6121040761332700460113-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 10MM X 40CM
6121240454654071153313-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 12MM X 45CM
6121450454654071154013-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 14MM X 50CM
6121650454654071155713-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 16MM X 50CM
6121850454654071156413-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 18MM X 50CM
6122030761332712832113-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 2MM X 3CM
6122050761332700461813-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 20MM X 50CM
6122060761332712826013-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 2MM X 6CM
6123060761332712827713-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 3MM X 6CM
6123090761332712828413-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 3MM X 9CM
6124080761332712839013-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 4MM X 8CM
6124120761332712833813-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 4MM X 12CM
6125100761332712831413-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 5MM X 10CM
6125150761332712829113-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 5MM X 15CM
6126200761332700462513-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 6MM X 20CM
6127200761332700463213-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 7MM X 20CM
6128300761332700464913-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 8MM X 30CM
6129300454654071161813-06-08TARGET XL 360 SOFT 9MM X 30CM
6161040761325251646013-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL STD 10mm x 40cm
6166200761325251647713-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL STD 6mm x 20cm
6167200761325251648413-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL STD 7mm x 20cm
6168300761325251649113-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL STD 8mm x 30cm
6169300761325251650713-06-08TARGET XL HELICAL STD 9mm x 30cm
6181040761332712840613-06-08TARGET XXL 360 10MM X 40CM
6181240761332712830713-06-08TARGET XXL 360 12MM X 45CM
6181450761332712838313-06-08TARGET XXL 360 14MM X 50CM
6181650761332712835213-06-08TARGET XXL 360 16MM X 50CM
6181850761332712841313-06-08TARGET XXL 360 18MM X 50CM
6182050761332712834513-06-08TARGET XXL 360 20MM X 50CM
6182250761332712836913-06-08TARGET XXL 360 22MM X 50CM
6182450761332712837613-06-08TARGET XXL 360 24MM X 50CM
Risk-Based Classification风险管理类别

Product Status产品状态


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